Right now the Jukebox industry is undergoing a transformation that can put money in your wallet. Used CD jukeboxes are being sold at very low prices!

That’s good news for you!

Jukeboxes that originally sold for $5,000 - $15,000 are now available used for as low as $725!  These durable 45 rpm and CD jukeboxes were made with quality workmanship. Jukeboxes manufactured in the 1930’s are still playing tunes!

Jukeboxes generate CASH income for your establishment. Depending on your location, these boxes can earn from $100 to $500 per week! Music will enhance the atmosphere of your restaurant, bar, store, or fun center.

Some advantages of a CD jukebox:

  • CD jukeboxes hold an average of 100 CDs. Just think of the many CDs you already own that will jump start the musical selection you will be able to offer your patrons.
  • A CD jukebox generates CASH for your business.
  • Some CD’s just fit your regular crowd and are played often.
  • You get the advantage of licensing your CD jukebox at a discounted rate through the Jukebox License Office!

Yes, you must obtain permission to publicly play copyrighted songs!  The good news: the Jukebox License Office allows you to obtain one license which covers all the licensing requirements needed to publicly play copyrighted music from the repertories of ASCAP, BMI and SESAC.


Interested in purchasing a used CD jukebox? We can help! Call 615-727-5366 or email us for more information and a location near you.


Here are some websites that offer used CD jukeboxes:

Green Bid Auctions

Power to the Games, Inc.

A P Vending & Amusement Co, Inc.

Rainbow Novelties

Melody Music & Vending, Inc.

Super Auctions

Game Room Antiques

Eagle Distributing, Inc.

Adams & Adams, Inc.

Zygmunt & Associates

Real Jukeboxes Direct


New CD jukeboxes:

BMI Gaming


Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corp

Rowe International

Eagle Distributing, Inc.

The Pinball Company


If you would like your website listed here or have used CD jukeboxes that you would like to sell, please email licensingexecutive@jukeboxlicense.com.


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